Sri Subramanya Swamy Kshetram

Welcome to Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple

History of Temple

About 43 years ago, at Aaramthodi-Mannapra village a small group of children with enthusiasm and pure devotion toward Lord Muruga started a Panaka Puja to celebrate Thaippooyam Mahaotsavam day and from then on, it was celebrated beautifully every year. About 33 years, a serpent appeared near south-west of current bhajana math & children killed the snake innocently. Then Padoor astrologer did a prasannam and found the presence of Sri Subramanya Swamy in the place and advised to perform pooja for the snake killing and to built bhajana math there. 

Bhajana math is been built where many devotees pray here, indeed they experience miracle and their indented wishes are full-filled with the grace of lord Sri Subramanya Swamy.  

Every year “Thaippooyam” day is considered special days to visit the temple. It’s a grand festival celebrated for three days with Maha Ganapathy Homam, Poojas, Parayeduppu, Deepalankaram, Annadhaanam, Prasadam distribution and cultural events.

In year 2022, Committee decided to renovate temple and do kumbabishekam in year 2024. Now renovation work has started on 06th February 2023. 

We are happy to inform you that the construction of Manjapra, Aaramthodi, Kizhakkumuri, Sri Subrahmanyaswamy Temple has been completed with the help of the devotees. Sacred Pratishtha of the temple and Thaipooyam Mahotsavam are to be held from January 23rd to 26th, 2024 (1199 Makaram 9th to 12th) under the presence of Brahmashree Iswaraprasad and Melshanthi Brahmashree Subramanian along with tantric ceremonies. On 25th January 2024 (11th of Makara month 1199), Thursday from 11.45 pm to 12.30 pm, Pratishtha of Shri Subramanya Swamy will be performed.

Devotees are requested to participate in this auspicious event and get the blessings of Lord Sri Subramanya Swamy.

Contact Details 

Vice-President, Sri Subramanya Swamy Kshetram,

 Aramthodi, Manjapra,

Palakkad- 678 685. 

Phone: +91 90377 03149